WaveyMC Global Rules
  • #1. You are not allowed to grant yourself an Unfair Advantage against others.
  • #2. No Scamming
  • #3. You are not allowed to disrespect staff members.
  • #4. You are not allowed to make DDOS/DOX Threats (Includes Threats about Hacking Others)
  • #5. You are not allowed to have an Inappropriate Skin/Name
  • #6. No Racism
  • #7. No Advertising
  • #8. Do not abuse Bugs or Glitches. (Tell a Manager+)
  • #9. No Impersonating staff 
  • #10. No Spamming
  • #11. You may not Encourage others to harm themself.
  • #12. You may not abuse the report/request system.
    #13. You may not attempt to bypass a ban or use a vpn

  • No portal trapping (Blocking portals so players can't move/chat or get out)
  • Griefing methods of any kind, is not permitted unless the claim it's done on is owned by you or not currently claimed, and does not/is not done to damage the integrity of any nearby claims. (If you don’t know whether or not something can be considered griefing, use common sense, and ask a staff member)
  • No inappropriate builds